Engineering and Building Systems Design

A quality system design by an experienced Professional Engineer is essential to the success of any capital improvement project for an existing building or new construction development. Inappropriate equipment selection and application leads to substandard system performance, increased operational costs, and diminished equipment service life. IESC’s innovative design approach ensures energy efficiency and occupant comfort is optimized for each project.


Using latest industry techniques, analytical tools, and standards, IESC ensures proper design, tender development, contract administration, project management and implementation of all major building system projects including:


  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation System Upgrades and Replacement
  • Control or Automation Upgrades for Energy Efficiency
  • Building Automation Systems and Design
  • Variable Speed Ventilation Conversions for Energy Efficiency
  • Air and Water Side Heat Recovery Systems
  • Improved Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality
  • Demand Control Ventilation in Underground Parking Garages
  • Lighting Upgrades, New Installations and Controls for Energy Efficiency
  • Modern Irrigation Controls for Water Conservation


IESC leverages its energy modelling expertise to analyze proposed designs in the context of other building systems allowing for improved integration to maximize performance. Further, this approach enables prioritization of proposed system designs based on expected return on investment analysis.


Good design practices ensure you have a quality, high performance, energy efficient system.
IESC’s team of specialized engineers will work with you, your architect, and general contractor to ensure a properly designed mechanical or electrical system is incorporated into your next building renovation or new construction project.
Clients have the option to retain IESC to manage the implementation of specific capital project improvements and to verify their installed performance.