Measurement & Verification

IESC considers verification a valued final step in the process to ensure each project fulfills the client’s expectations for quality and performance. The objective of Measurement & Verification (M&V) activities is to confirm that the energy conservation measures that are installed and supported by incentives are resulting in energy consumptions and demand savings. M&V is also an integral part of performance contracts and agreements with Energy Services Companies through which clients benefit from the opportunity to implement energy efficiency measures as part of their energy purchase contracts and agreements.


Our M&V specialists have the expertise to develop a plan using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) which is the most widely accepted industry standard. Our Measurement &Verification services cover the following:


  • Determining baselines and projected savings
  • Developing an M&V plan
  • Conducting the post-installation M&V Activities
  • Monitoring energy savings and performance
  • Developing the M&V project report


In addition to the services listed above, a major component of IESC’s on-site work also includes using our suite of diagnostic and measurement tools to gain insight into building performance with real data. IESC believes that this level of analysis is critical to provide stakeholders with accurate information and to inform high quality recommendations.

Methane Emission Reduction And Management

IESC has specialized tools, training and experience in preparing for, and complying with new methane regulations.