Internat Energy Solutions Canada | Research and Innovation
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Research and Innovation

IESC has engaged with numerous universities and academic institutions to conduct research & development in the field of sustainability management, renewable energy and GHG emissions reductions.


Some of the on-going programs and services offered to different universities include:


  • IESC has a partnership with Celestica & Concordia for their ReMAP BIPV Project. The firm is in the process of developing prototypes which is currently being tested at Concordia University.
  • IESC has partnership with Smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network which brings together Canadian researchers from universities to develop the smart net-zero energy homes and commercial buildings.
  • IESC has a partnership with Sustainable Buildings Canada to model methods as well as assess the potential benefits of support for exterior build technology in buildings in Ontario.
  • IESC has also collaborated with Dalhousie University to conduct an initial research on phase change materials and is looking forward to working with professors to conduct further research.
  • IESC developed an industry-leading, greenhouse gas accounting and risk management tool called Encompass™. This methodology tool quantifies an organization`s emissions and captures information on their direct and indirect GHG impact.