The multi-residential, commercial and industrial building sectors have the option to significantly reduce energy consumption through a variety of opportunities and assessments.


A quality system design by an experienced Professional Engineer is essential to the success of any capital improvement project for an existing or new construction development.

Greenhouse Gas Verification

Our multidisciplinary verification team composed of engineering, science, policy and planning specialists with backgrounds in the industrial, commercial, academic and NGO sectors.

Energy Modelling

Energy modelling has become a key component to successful new construction and major renovation projects for multi-residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Measurement & Verification

The objective of M&V activities is to confirm that the energy conservation measures are resulting in energy consumptions and demand savings.

Renewable Energy

Unlike traditional energy and power systems, to increase effectiveness, renewable energy requires strong synergies and planning around its surrounding environment.

Research and Innovation

IESC has engaged with numerous universities and academic institutions to conduct research & development in the field of sustainability management and renewable energy.

Zero Emission Resilient Building

We have encouraged many clients to achieve their long-term sustainability goals and targets thorough planning, strategy and implementation.

Greenhouse Gas Quantification and Reporting

IESC provides knowledge and expertise to assist clients in monitoring and reducing their GHG Emissions.