Energy Efficiency

Each energy efficiency project led by Internat Energy Solutions Canada develops an energy plan for the client. Throughout a project, our comprehensive energy audit process and subsequent energy plan are designed to meet the specific goals of a client while accounting for the requirements of eligible energy audit incentives. Upon energy audit completion, we ensure that the final report exceeds the quality expectations of the client and provides clear recommendations for further action.

Internat Energy Solutions Canada has strong experience with energy modelling on new construction and retrofit projects. Energy modelling supports an evaluation of energy efficiency measures proposed to a building’s design while optimizing capital and operational costs. Our approach is independent of any specific hardware brand or technology which ensures the client receives the best solution for their unique situation.

Specialized software programs are used to compare a building’s energy performance under existing building code design with that of advanced green building design. Energy modelling encompasses the recognized benefits of the integrated design approach, and is subject to new construction incentives as well as detailed analysis incentives for existing buildings.

Internat Energy Solutions Canada uses its strong project management experience to implement chosen energy conservation measures on behalf of a client. Our focus is to act in the best interest of a client while completing the energy plan’s development and ensuring available energy retrofit incentives are secured.

Internat Energy Solutions Canada ensures the client understands each of their chosen projects, and will provide regular updates as project milestones are reached. Subsequent to project implementation, we provide performance validation and verification to ensure expectations are met.