Engineering Design including Ventilation retrofitting

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Building Systems and Engineering Design
About This Project

IESC was engaged to complete the design, tender development, and project management for the replacement of the MUA units as well as the exhaust system on the building roof. Ventilation retrofits needed to be undertaken at this building site in order to replace some of the equipment that had already reached the end of their life. Furthermore, an energy audit that was conducted in 2015 had determined that the current ventilation system needed to be re-designed in order to improve ventilation comfort levels for the tenants.


Design work was precluded by a detailed assessment of the HVAC equipment and the Building Automation System. Following the assessment of on-site measurements, IESC was engaged with the design process which included developing the necessary tender documents for the quotation process. IESC was engaged throughout the quotation process in order to ensure that design requirements were followed by the contractors. The quotation process was also undertaken with the purpose of giving the client competitive quotations for the project.


IESC was also involved in managing the implementation part of the project where the design was implemented by the awarded contractor. Implementation work included the following:

  • Abatement and cleaning of the penthouse mechanical rooms
  • Replacement of the entire existing MUA hydronic system (MUA components, DX and heating coils, heat exchangers, hydronic piping, etc.)
  • Replacement of the existing exhaust system on the roof. Multiple exhaust openings were grouped together in a centralized exhaust system for cost effectiveness and easier long term maintenance
  • Air balancing of the supply air at each floor
  • Upgrading of the BAS system