Energy Audit-Lincoln Electric Company of Canada

Energy Audit
About This Project

IESC was engaged by Lincoln Electric Company of Canada to complete an energy assessment of their manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Ontario. In order to improve the overall energy efficiency in the facility, IESC measured and analyzed the facility’s electricity consumption over a period of 4 to 6 weeks to identify key trends, patterns and deficiencies. This led to a proposal for the complete re-design of the facility’s electrical system, as well as several measures to improve energy efficiency within the plant, such as HVAC upgrades, heat recover and lighting retrofits. The following work was conducted by IESC:

  • Provide insight into current building condition, energy and water usage
  • Identify and propose potential actions to reduce energy consumption
  • Conduct a financial analysis of practical conservation and complementary building renewal measures

Lincoln Electric Company of Canada


Energy Audit

Project Benefits

  • Recommended potential measures to reduce utility, operations and maintenance costs
  • Enhance corporate citizenship and increase asset value
  • Assist in maintaining ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification