Internat Energy Solutions Canada | Greenhouse Gas Verification for Facilities
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Greenhouse Gas Verification for Facilities

Greenhouse Gas Verification
About This Project

IESC is an accredited GHG verifier with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), in accordance with ISO 14065 for verifications related to GHG emissions and removals at the organization level in the General, Manufacturing and Power Generation, Mining and Mineral Production, Metals Production, Chemical Production, Oil and gas extraction, production and refining, and waste sectors, which allows us to meet the requirements of different GHG reporting regulations.

Since 2008, IESC has conducted numerous inventory and project level verifications under regulatory and voluntary reporting programs. IESC verified several regulated facilities’ GHG inventory reports, associated calculation spreadsheets and supporting documentation in accordance with ISO 14064-3 and against the verification criteria of Ontario Regulation 452/09 under a reasonable level of assurance.

Industrial, Oil and Gas, and Waste Sectors

2008 – ongoing

GHG Verification