Energy Management Plan- City of Vaughan

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Energy Audit, Energy Plan
About This Project

IESC was brought on by the City of Vaughan to act as their Embedded Energy Manager for a 6 month period in support of the City’s Energy Conservation Demand Management Plan. The role of the EEM is to facilitate energy conservation at the City by identifying and implementing various options for saving energy and monitoring energy consumption. The following work was conducted by IESC:

  • Walk – through energy audits of 16 of the City’s facilities to supplement the existing energy audits
  • Work with the City, utilities and various stakeholders to update the City’s energy conservation and demand management plan
  • Work with City staff to implement energy conservation measures
  • Track incentive applications
  • Provide a technical resource to the City to support in reaching its energy efficiency target for 2016

City of Vaughan


Energy Audit
Energy Plan

Project Benefits

  • The capital projects focused on energy efficiency measures that would provide significant electricity, natural gas and water consumption savings with strong payback periods and incentives
  • The energy management plan will support the city in meeting its energy efficiency targets