IESC Careers

Located at the heart of downtown Toronto and Calgary, we foster an environment for collaboration and innovation. We are committed to training, learning from each other, and continued education to ensure that our team members are exposed to new challenges at a pace they enjoy. We value and strongly believe in the principles of creativity, integrity and respect.

energy emission

Why join IESC?

You will be part of a highly diverse, driven and multi-disciplinary team that is comprised of engineers, energy modellers, greenhouse gas consultants, renewable energy specialists and policy analysts. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting and integrated design projects as well as develop new processes and tools. You will work with clients across the country and contribute to a sustainable and low-carbon economy.


Some of our perks and rewards are:

Compensation Perks

  • Competitive salaries
  • Comprehensive health and dental insurance plans
  • Reimbursement for monthly public transportation pass
  • Monthly allowance for cell phone usage

Work-Life Balance

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Open-concept office
  • Annual summer company retreat
  • Social events and interactive team lunches

Professional Development

  • Monthly lunch & learn sessions and educational workshops
  • Support and resources for online courses, training, professional membership and exam
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in industry seminars and conferences
  • Mentoring and performance evaluation sessions

Currently we are hiring for below positions actively.