Internat Energy Solutions Canada | Energy Audits
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Energy Audits

The multi-residential, commercial and industrial building sectors have the option to significantly reduce energy consumption through a variety of opportunities. Annual operational costs are steadily on the rise and to remain competitive in the current marketplace these opportunities must be realized. Significant energy is wasted from poor design, insufficient technology and inefficient behavioural tendencies.

Both new and existing buildings can become more energy-efficient using a combination of passive and active measures in design and operation. Incorporating the best design and technical solutions in new and existing buildings can cut energy use by up to 60%. Low energy consuming buildings are set to become the norm rather than the exception.

IESC empowers clients with an energy plan that allows for well-informed decisions when moving forward with energy efficiency measures. The comprehensive energy assessment report presents analyzed baseline energy consumption, performance benchmarking, practical energy conservation measures and customized financial analyses, while accounting for the requirements of eligible energy audit incentive programs.

The comprehensive assessment report is designed to cover the following aspects:

  • ASHRAE Level I, II and III requirements;
  • Detailed inventory of energy and water-consuming devices on site;
  • Weather-corrected analysis of utility consumption providing a performance baseline to monitor efficiency improvements;
  • Analysis of operating schedules currently in use;
  • List of practical energy conservation opportunities for sustainable cost reduction;
  • List of behavioural and organizational changes that will reduce energy consumption; and
  • Customized financial analysis to support each measure.

The easy-to-understand energy assessment report will serve as the gateway to available energy audit incentives regardless of implementing any of the energy efficiency measures. The engineering team at IESC can provide and support all incentive program applications and efficiently manage the subsequent project implementation.