Internat Energy Solutions Canada

Project name / Year: BIPV Glazing Retrofit / 2010-2011
Project location: Enwave Theatre, Toronto
Project customer: Harbourfront Centre
Project Overview:

Harbourfront Centre is the largest non-profit arts and cultural organization in Toronto, operating a ten- acre site at the heart of Toronto’s downtown waterfront. The glass building envelope of the Enwave Theatre was over 20 years old and had surpassed its useful life. IESC developed the initial concept of replacing the glass with an innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic glazing system, managed the project, completed funding applications, system design, selected hardware, and conducted post installation performance measurement and verification. The following gives some more detail on the project:

  • Glass envelope retrofit with specialized insulating, solar heat reducing glass to improve internal conditions
  • A 1.5 kW capacity BIPV system was integrated into the overhead glazing on the west side
  • First project combining BIPV and Heat Mirror technology
  • Glass artwork reflects the Harbourfront Centre’s identity as an arts and cultural organization along Lake Ontario
  • Solar-generated electricity consumed internally
Projected benefits: Improvement of internal conditions and external appearance, reduction in energy demand
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