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Encompass™ is an industry-leading, greenhouse gas accounting and risk management tool that combines international carbon expertise and extensive research databases, making Encompass™ a natural choice for definitive, powerful and flexible greenhouse gas accounting and risk management.

Developed by Internat Energy Solutions Canada, Encompass™ is an easy to use tool that informs strategic decision-making and provides a full picture of your direct and indirect GHG impact, empowering your organization with the information required to identify where your biggest risks and opportunities lie, and to develop an effective greenhouse gas reduction strategy. With its unique features, Encompass™ provides the ability to model the impact of future changes to policy, taxes, and energy prices on your organization's triple bottom line.

Tailored specifically for the Canadian marketplace, Encompass™ operates on a unique business model where a small one-time membership investment gives users access to the tool, as well as to extensive training, support, tool updates, and access to a growing network of users. Encompass™ gives you the tools, support, and confidence to develop, and implement an effective greenhouse gas reduction strategy designed to help your organization achieve its short and long-term sustainability goals.